The Rosebush of Love

Love is chaotic, tricky, magical, enchanting, and addicting. Most of us seek love, desire love, hope for love, and give love. We need it like air, to breathe, to expell, and sometimes to be taken away. 

I found myself in an emotional landslide after the loss of Olive’s cousin Poppi. I was saddened by Poppi’s loss and frightened by the fragility of life. Terrified by how something we love so completely can be taken so quickly. It is just not fair. 

I made a tearful call to my mother and asked her one question, “How can you love something so entirely knowing that eventually you will lose that very thing?” Silence. And then the discussion of mindfulness, being fully present, completely involved in the beauty of every moment as it is; a single beautiful moment. I’m not sure we ever directly answered the question, but perhaps indirectly we did. Does it really matter that we might lose something we cherish so completely if we are ever present in the moment of love? If we are mindful of the joy, happiness, excitement, the love, then will we really be worried for the loss?

I know I will miss Olive when she is no longer around, I know I miss Poppi and that Poppi’s passing has been difficult for her mom. We all know these things. Loss is hard, death is painful. We must not forget that love is joyful, amazing, and to be cherished. Even better, love can truly be forever because love itself is not tangible by definition, it can be felt even without physicality. Love exceeds the physical limits, love continues for as long as memories live on. 

Love reminds me of a Rosebush; beautiful, magical, symbolic, and sometimes it hurts to hold.